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How to Overcome Test Anxiety

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It is normal for people to get nervous prior to taking a test, a quiz or a big exam. However, getting nervous to point where it affect your performance to the test is called test anxiety. This will be a problem to any students because, even if one is prepared for the test, one may fail to perform to best of their ability.

To avoid this situation, we have listed a few things for students that they should consider.

Be prepared initially – to get prepared, be confident on what you study. Make sure that you get to the point where you are able to answer the test questions automatically. In this way, you will be confident in going into the test.

Erase any negative thought – often times, you are not having so much success on test, upon entry on the test area, you might think that you are not going to do it. There is no way you can pass the test. These thoughts can be intimidating and these must me erase before entering into a test room. The best thing that you can do is to have an affirmation that you can do the test, you have studied, and you are prepared and so on. Make sure that you are keeping that positive thought throughout the entire exam.

Skip hard questions – another cause of exam anxiety is when the first question or two of the exam are the ones that he or she do not know and they immediately think that they cannot make the exam. The moment you meet those type of question, skip them. Proceed to the next questions that are easier for you and after you get on all of them, go back to those questions you find hard and had skipped.

Avoid sitting on a high traffic area inside the exam room – when taking exams, students finished at different times. Some finished their exams fast, while others do not. If you are bothered with the speed of your co-examinees and started to get anxious the moment they started going out of the exam room, it would be best for you to sit in a place away from high traffic. In this way, you will not be bothered with those students going out of the classroom, going to the restroom and other things they do after they finish the test. Maybe you can choose to sit on a corner, at the back part of the room, or in a place where you will be a little more excluded.

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